The W Connection provides peer-to-peer emotional support from women of all ages who understand what it means to lose a spouse. 

The loss of a spouse affects women at all stages of life. From young mothers to seniors, each of us has her own issues. You are dealing with the tremendous emotional pain of loss and at the same time having to rebuild your life. Raising children, managing finances and juggling tasks you may have not have handled or were once shared with your spouse.

With a network of emotional support we offer support beyond bereavement.

The impact of losing your husband is indescribably painful, a feeling like you’ve never had before, and desperately want to move beyond…but can’t seem to find the wherewithal to do so. The W Connection’s unique outreach program and peer-to-peer support groups will connect you to a network of other women who can relate to your loss, sharing their experiences to help you through this very difficult time.

“No one understands my overwhelming sense of sadness and depression. I’m walking through life in a fog.”

Losing your spouse is devastating enough; now you have to face an uncertain future, even an uncertainly identity. Every aspect of your life is now different – from finances to childcare to career to your social life, to your emotional and physical well-being. The W Connection provides answers and suggestion through its referral services and online training programs.

“Will I ever be whole again? What will become of me now that I have lost my life mate, my other half?”

Maybe friends and family are there for you but as time passes, they have to resume to their normal lives. But for you, there is no “normal.” The W Connection’s peer to peer support groups and its Advice Exchange provide the help and guidance you need.

“My friends and family do so much, but I don’t want to become a burden. Who will truly understand enough to help me through this?”

Your loss is different than everyone else’s. Finding other like-minded women might feel like the hardest thing to do. Through the W Connection you’ll meet others who’ve been where you are. Your story will resonate with women ready to help you adapt to your new life.

“How do I start over? Is there a reboot button I can just click? Where will I find the people who will understandmy unique needs?”

We had no choice about becoming widows but we do have a choice about how we live the rest of lives. Though we can’t go back to our old lives, by sharing our experiences with each other, we begin to feel open to the great possibilities ahead. The W Connection provides tools and techniques to help you rebuild your life and learn to live on your own.

“How will I ever rebuild my life? It feels like such as an insurmountable task.”

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A life that was built for two MUST now be lived by one.

OUR programs are designed for widows by widows

When you lose your spouse, you lose an entire way of life. A life that was built for two must now be lived by one. The W Connection programs are designed to provide you with the emotional support you need to cope with your bereavement and the information and training you need to rebuild your life.

All W Connection programs are designed specifically for widows by widows. Programs are delivered in three ways providing easy access and allowing you to choose the methods best suited for your needs:

W Connection Members are given access to member only section which provides access to important resources to help you Get educated, such as daily living challenges you now face. Financial, Legal advice for widows; much of this area was written for widows by widows to make your journey through widowhood and rebuilding your life easier.


The W Connection’s First Connect and Social Activities are widow to widow support. Having a network that is a life line that helps newly widowed women navigate the enormous challenges they now face and help them rebuild their lives.


Group support is available to you through our community based W Connection chapters. Via monthly meetings dedicated to topics of interest to widows, you have opportunities to discuss issues in your new life with women who are navigating their own loss.




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The W Connection works hard to serve our very special community with a lot of TLC. Being there for widows is especially important since many social service agencies, hospitals and hospice groups that might offer support are experiencing budget cutbacks.

The W Connection helps women rebuild their lives for as long as they need us. For those reasons, we’re working harder than ever to raise the funding to back our programs and services, pursuing public and private grants and charitable foundation support. In addition, in the same way that the W Connection looks to its own for emotional support, we also look to those among us who can help us financially so we can continue to fulfill our mission. For example, we actively seek corporate sponsorship and the generosity of individuals.

For questions about donating to or sponsoring the W Connection: donations@wconnection.org

PayPal customers can support the W Connection by making a donation from their PayPal accounts. Donations will help us to provide services and programs to fulfill our mission.

The W Connection provides widows with easily accessible support services Emotional support, information and training to help them navigate the many challenges faced all while dealing with grief and the rebuilding of their lives.